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Out Of The Box

The Design
Carbon Diamonds love nothing more than being introduced to a couple who have decided to embark on that next chapter. We are of course talking about the engagement. Choosing the right ring design is a process that must not be rushed. It’s important that quality time is set aside to ensure that what the heart’s desire is ultimately what will suit your lifestyle. With so many variables to consider, the hero in this unfolding process should of course be the diamond. Whatever your preferred cut; whether she is a Round, Princess, Emerald, Heart, Asscher Oval, Pear or Marquise, Carbon can facilitate.

The Romance
Today we have seen the trend change… Men are choosing the diamond engagement ring with out a lot of help from their partner, we love surprises and pass on the chemistry to create the perfect moment when he proposes. For us, at Carbon Diamonds, we want to develop the relationship so we also become part of the memory.

Choose the Jeweller
At Carbon Diamonds it is our role is to establish a clear understanding of your design as this can be interpreted in a variety of ways. Once the design has been established we then pair the craftsman accordingly. From the Traditional, Classical, Art Deco or Victorian It’s the collision of design, materials and vision that we at Carbon enjoy most of all.