Diamond 4c’s

August 17, 2015


Let’s face it, everyone ‘talks the diamond talk’ and dances around the 4C buzz words – Carat, Colour, Cut and Clarity. At Carbon Diamonds, we are unique in the sense that we not only ascribe to the original 4Cs, but we’ve also created our own, and they underpin all that we do.

 1. Chemistry (romance is everything)

We live in an incredibly visual world, and of course, the intellectual side of choosing a diamond is important, but seeing is believing. Holding potential pieces in your hand and evaluating them visually in all their glory is a crucial part of the selection process.

Experiencing the 4Cs of your diamond ‘in person’ is a date you’ll never forget, and Carbon Diamonds will guide you through every element of the stone;

  • Carat: What is the weight how is this determined?
  • Colour: Compare its colour to other diamonds of similar grading with your naked eye through the tip of the culet (it’s an experience you won’t want to miss in real time).
  • Clarity: Carbon Diamonds will help you identify any slight imperfections or ‘birth marks’ as we call them.
  • Cut: Come to understand the scintillation of each stone. You’ll see that when the diamond blinks her magic, it casts a spell like no other…it’s an experience that you can only have in real time – viewing stones on the internet just can’t cut it (excuse the pun!)

 2. Confidence is the key (at Carbon Diamonds ethics are our touchstone)

All of our diamond engagement rings are presented with two certificates: one for insurance and one certifying authenticity. Our diamonds are ethically sourced under the Kimberley process scheme via Australian diamantaires experienced in validating their source. Unlike other jewellers, we believe in only selling diamonds that you can experience in real-time, and therefore we don’t sell on certificate. Being able to have the 4Cs explained with the stone in front of you is an experience that you’ll come to value immensely. At Carbon Diamonds, our aim is to provide total clarity in you purchase.

 3. Collection (Carbon Diamonds selection is “Out of the Box”)

Carbon Diamond’s collection of engagement rings are hand made here in Perth by our experienced team of master craftsmen and diamond setters.
Our diamond rings are uniquely named and repeated in limited editions. Once an edition has reached its limited number, it is withdrawn from the collection for a period of time.

Of course, exclusivity is something Carbon revels in and we are very protective of our bespoke designs guarding them fiercely.

 4. Cost (it’s all about the base!)

Once we have established your level of entry, Carbon will provide you with a spectrum of pricing options to achieve what you are looking for. We strive to create rings of the finest quality, holding strong to our principles and ideas, and we are supremely confident that we can marry these with your cost preference.

We want you to consider this as the beginning and not the end of a relationship. Carbon Diamonds brings you old fashion values with a modern twist.

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