Carbon Diamonds For Men

October 30, 2015


Part 1 Hello Mr Darcy

Here at Carbon, we meet a great many men in their quest for the perfect ring, for their perfect gal. We like to think of you all as Mr Darcy, that confident, genuine male at the top of his game.

And so we have launched Carbon Diamonds for Men with the intention of helping you navigate the engagement journey to create that memorable outcome you desire.

In the world of wedding-planning, you don’t need to look far to access an abundant supply of information for Brides-to-be. However, when it comes to the Groom, intriguing content is as rare as the Hope diamond. Our talented team at Carbon Diamonds love what we do, and have a wealth of groom-friendly tips to guide our guys along the path to the big day (and beyond!).

Our male clients are respected, intelligent, stylish and killing it in their home and work life. Furthermore, they’re all stylish lovers – unafraid of demonstrating their love and appreciation of their partner in crime. We’ve come to understand that the Carbon Diamonds man is every woman’s dream.

Because of this, Carbon Diamonds for Men creates the perfect platform for Grooms to ask our expert team the myriad of questions that inevitably arise throughout their journey to the alter – from proposal planning (how much do I spend? How big does it have to be?!) right through to planning wedding day surprises.

At Carbon Diamonds, it’s about educating and demystifying the common misconceptions around the ring’s purchase. We revel in the opportunity to have a chat about the Four C’s, the spend, buying in real-time versus purchasing on-line and what certification really means.

No question is off limits. We dig this process and make sure that the discussion is as deep or lighthearted as you want it to be.

If we reflect on the most common themes we chat with our male clients about, there are two things that spring to mind. They soon realize (often after the fact) that when a Women announces she’s engaged, two ‘default’ questions are asked;

  1. Will you show me the ring?
  2. How did he propose?

The engagement is your moment to shine, guys! Carbon Diamonds is there to provide you with the tools to carry out the deed with aplomb and maximum memory impact.

We know how daunting the actual proposal is, and have been privy to some superb stories (and some not-so fantastic ones!), so let us paint a picture-perfect scene for you.

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