Carbon Diamonds for Men 3

January 13, 2016


Q: How do I find out her finger size?

A: OK, here’s where the secret agent steps into your relationship…

Step one: dress in black (ok, maybe just a dark colour…)

Step two: Act by stealth and sneakily peak in her jewellery box to see if she has any rings that you know she wears often.

Step three: Lift it. I repeat, lift it! No guilt required…you’re doing this for good and not evil.

Step four: As soon as you can, and have a jeweller assess the size. Here’s the curve ball…you have to know whether she wears the ‘lifted’ ring on her left or right hand! Biometrically, the right hand of a right hander will be larger than the left hand (as the muscle bulk is greater on the dominant hand). So, really, there should be a step 1B, which is to casually check out her hands to see which rings she routinely wears on her left ring finger. Then, you can swipe the correct ring. Capiche?!

If this is all too complex (please note: James Bond would find this sublimely easy), another option is to try on the ring she wears often and slip it onto your ring finger and note how far along the finger it slips. Count the number of creases along your finger and use this as a guide.

Weirdly, dress size is a good indicator of ring size. As is sports participation, as sometime knuckles can been slightly larger than normal depending on the sport she plays. Hello, volleyball anyone?!

Most rings can be sized up or down by two to three sizes. However, in saying that, if the ring has diamonds in the band this can sometimes pose a problem (but nothing we can’t solve).

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