Carbon Diamonds for Men 2

December 4, 2015


Part 2 Feeling the pressure

Once your preliminary research is locked down (and hopefully Carbon Diamonds is on your call list), you’ll be wise to look at diamonds in real-time. Face to face with a range of stones, you will come to understand that no two diamonds are alike. Here’s where a certificate, and expert eye can guide you in a unique way – teaching you that every stone has their own ID or ‘birth mark’ as we lovingly call them.

Q: Have you been surreptitiously lured into looking in jeweller’s windows or had an email from your beloved with Pinterest or Instagram images attached?

A: If so, your best bet is to employ quiet confidence and project the image that “yes I am in the know and leave it up to me”. You CAN pull this off! The hardest part is getting a visual, and now you have a few images to navigate you, it’s time to get serious…

We at Carbon appreciate that most guys understand real estate, stock market, cars and other luxury items. Our male clients constantly share that they can’t get their head around why this little bit of bling has such enormous power and cost. Believe us, you are not alone in this mystery of life…your beloved is no different to any other. The diamond in her mind has been the one of her dreams for a long (we repeat) long time.

In the journey to the proposal, guys often tell us that for them, it’s all about; (a) getting excellent service, (b) receiving an education on what they are investing in and (c) above all, getting it right.

Carbon Diamonds will step you through this process – always arranging diamonds for you to hold and compare in real-time. Virtual tours of diamonds, just don’t cut it (excuse the pun). It’s the active experience of holding the stone that entrances you, and helps you understand what you’re actually buying in a way that no computer screen can do.

Oh, and on a quirky note, make sure you have a photo of your beloved when you come in to Carbon, as it’s lovely to have her face in our imagination as we help you plan the ring to end all rings…


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